Explaining Gaps in Employment

Certainly a part of any interview process involves the discussion of your resume. You need to be prepared to discuss what’s on your resume… and to discuss it smoothly and without hesitation.

In addition to the discussion of your previous work history and why you left other employment, you’ll need to be prepared to discuss any gaps in your work history as well that may be a part of your resume.

Many people worry about having to explain gaps in their employment history. But this is not necessarily a negative thing and you’ll need to discuss these areas with a positive attitude.

Of course honesty is the best policy when it comes to discussing your work history, however, you should take some time to practice your answers so that you come off in a positive light.

Gaps between employment could be something as simple as the opportunity to spend more time with your family while avoiding the child care costs. Perhaps even during that time you took the opportunity to upgrade your education or even certification levels.

In fact, it may be beneficial to explain such gaps in your employment right there on your resume. This enables you to come across as an honest person, and it takes away the element of uncertainty away from the interviewer right up front.

You may think that it will be an uphill battle if you have lengthy gaps in employment, but this all depends on the reasons for the gaps, and what you were doing to be productive when not employed.

When it comes to your resume it is always best to get a couple of opinions on your resume before you call it finalized. And you must know your resume by heart so you’ll be fully prepared to comfortably discuss the content of it.

In fact, practice a few dry runs discussing your resume with a friend or family members before you begin submitting it for possible interviews for employment. So simply don’t want to stub your toe and begin floundering around when discussing your resume during the interview.

In summary, be sure you are fully ready to discuss the content of your resume… and this includes any gaps in your employment whether you specifically note why or not on your resume. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you’ll come across… and this creates the best chances for a successful interview.