Free Work at Home Typing Jobs – Transcription

There are many different types of free work at home typing jobs. One of the most lucrative is transcription. Most people only think of medical transcription, but there are actually numerous different types of transcription – all of which can bring big money in.

One option is transcribing interviews. When authors and journalists do interviews, they typically don’t want to spend half the interview asking the person they’re interviewing to repeat themselves so that they can get an accurate quote. Instead, they will bring a tape recorder along and tape the conversation. Once the interview is over, they’ll hire a transcriptionist like you to type it out in text format.

Another option is transcribing podcasts. A podcast is an audio program that’s available on the internet. It can be on a variety of topics and usually has one dedicated host. After the podcast is aired, most podcasters like to post a text transcription of it in it’s entirety. All you have to do is listen to it and type the dialog out.

Yet another option is transcribing doctor’s notes. Often as a doctor looks through a patients charts, they will record notes on what they’ve noted during an exam. Your job is simply to type them out so that the doctor can add them to the patients files.

All of these transcription options are great examples of free work at home typing jobs that you can get started on tomorrow. They’re a great way to bring extra money in, for very little work and a lot of reward.