Job Search 101 – Best Helpful Health Insurance Tip For the Unemployed

None of us ever expect our job search will last to the point where it becomes so financially painful that we have to make sacrifices we never dreamed of. For many unemployed people across the United States cancelling their health insurance is one of those sacrifices that simply must be made. When you get your first Cobra bill in the mail for continuing your current health insurance with your former employer it is very sobering indeed.

No one is ever very happy with that kind of additional expense. Often even unemployed people with families are forced to prioritize other bills like the mortgage, car payments and groceries. So while they are searching for a job the health insurance coverage goes unpaid and expires. Fortunately, there is an alternate solution many people do not think about that may help in this temporary situation.

I suggest you see your friendly insurance agent and ask about a Personal Injury Protection/ Medical Payments rider for your existing automobile insurance. I am currently with MetLife and they have a good one that I signed up for. I have $100,000 worth of coverage if I or any of my passengers are injured in any of the following ways, as a pedestrian, riding public transportation, flying in a commercial airliner and of course driving in my own vehicle. Also, I am even covered as a passenger in someone else’s car. I like this kind of coverage, because if I am going to have expensive medical bills these incidents are the most likely source. I am otherwise very healthy and very low risk.

The price was wonderfully affordable, since you are really an automobile insurance customer; the insurance companies know you likely are not using PIP as your primary health insurance coverage. You can also choose from coverage levels of $25,000 — $200,000 depending on your insurance provider. Not all states offer PIP coverage, but they may have alternatives for covering medical payments, just do a little research. It is very likely you will be glad you did. Again, this is very affordable coverage for those who cannot afford regular health insurance while temporarily unemployed.

Now if you are interested in more comprehensive health insurance coverage for up to six months, I would suggest you Google search the term “temporary health insurance” which will list free quote services for all consumers interested in temporary health insurance with no contractual obligation. This way you have coverage from a rock solid insurance company for up to six months with your choice of deductible and coinsurance. In other words for usually less than half the cost of Cobra you can get the same coverage on a month to month basis. In fact you could also combine both the above solutions for even more comprehensive coverage.

The bottom line is there are reasonable alternatives to making huge sacrifices in your health insurance coverage. Naturally, your primary focus should be to become gainfully employed again as soon as possible since lack of earnings is painful. The double whammy comes when you withdraw from your savings and retirement accounts just to cover basic living expenses. Do not let this happen to you, be assertive and take pro-active steps in your job search.