Coping With Rejection During Your Job Search

Job hunters who fear rejection are not alone. While nobody likes dealing with rejection, coping with rejection during your job search is no big deal when you understand having to deal with rejection comes with the territory for job hunters.

After all, your chances getting a job offer or winning an audition the first time out are practically nil. So you will conduct your job campaign with less stress by knowing there will be more situations where you do not get the job.

Being turned down for a job is never easy. Job hunters cannot avoid it. But you can avoid taking rejection personally by looking at rejection from a different point of view. With each rebuff, you’re coming closer to being offered a job.

That’s because you become a better job candidate in the job search process by learning more about yourself and the job marketplace. This lets you present more effectively at your next job interview.

1. Get used to the idea of being rejected by understanding there’s more rejection than acceptance during any search.

2. Think of interviews as auditions. Actors spend entire careers auditioning just to land one role. All you need to do is audition for and find one job.

3. Reduce rejection sensitivity by knowing that being turned down for a job doesn’t mean you have failed as a person. It means your presentation might have failed, or there was a legitimate reason you weren’t hired. Perhaps the company hired internally or picked a candidate better qualified for the job.

4. Debrief yourself after each interview. Reflect on things you did well and continue to build on them. Determine what you could have improved. And ask yourself if you demonstrated how you met the criteria for the job. Your next interviews will go a whole lot smoother because of this debrief.

5. Write the word ‘no” on a piece of paper until you’ve used it all up. Write “yes’ as the last word in the lower right hand corner. Every time you get a no, circle it and be grateful. You’re getting closer to a “yes.”

6. Transform negative feelings that have been generated with your being turned down for a job, with this magic formula —


This stands for “some will, some won’t, so what — Next! Your job hunt is a numbers game. The more interviews you have the sooner you’ll get an offer. Negative feelings resulting from being turned down do not last long when you get busy and plan your next interviews.