The Effectiveness of LinkedIn As a Job Search Tool

Is it risky to submit a resume to someone you know from someone that you do not know. Duh! Of course that is risky, but it does not mean that the candidate is not viable. No, it just means that the person asked to submit is not sure. However, there are things the job seeker can do to overcome the hesitancy.

LinkedIn is not the best for what is essentially a blind response to a job posting. You talk about having someone present your resume and you do not know the person. Another perspective is asking someone you do not know to present your resume; how do you know what the relationship is between that person and your target. It can be just as risky.

In fact you should read my ezine article on

for more insights on questions to ask if you are requesting a referral, asked to give a referral, or are the target of a referral.

Here are things the job seeker should be doing to establish credibility, reliability, and trust.

LinkedIn only works for those who work at it! You must be comprehensive and proactive.