The Benefits of Full Employment

If you are employed full time right now, consider yourself lucky because many of us are surviving in a time where joblessness is rampant and people are living off of what little unemployment benefits there are to collect. There are many benefits to being fully employed though. For starters, depending on how big they are, many companies offer some sort of benefits package to include things such as medical, dental, vision, 401k, pension and retirement and more. Some companies will even offer to pay for all of your benefits. For example, when I worked for the police department, every single one of my benefits was paid for. However, most companies will not do this; rather, they will cover up to a certain portion of your benefits, leaving you to pick up the slack.

While the hours may seem long at times, if you’re among the few people who actually enjoy your job, consider yourself lucky. There are a lot of people who work a full eight hour workday, but in recent months, there is a growing population of people who are given the opportunity to work from home and who gladly take it. What does this mean for future employers and employees? Employers are keeping an eye on trends like this because it will more than likely affect them. Now, if an employer really wants a certain employee to come and work for them at their company, they may have to work harder to provide different sorts of incentives to that employee in order to entice them to come aboard. A benefits package may simply not be enough because there are many companies who are willing to pay for an employee’s benefits AND let them work from the comfort of their home if it means that the employee will be happier and will put out more quality work.

It is up to the employer in the long run. If you are an employer, you need to put yourself in your employee’s shoes. Additionally, you also have to be a good judge of character. Trust is essential when hiring anyone to work for you. You have to ask yourself whether or not the employee working for you seems like an honest person. You may offer them an incentive to be able to work from home after a certain period of time. Is the employee someone who is always on time or early to work? Are they someone who is organized and who turns work in ahead of time or who always meets deadlines? More importantly, are they someone who is an asset to your company? Would the company be more or less successful if you had several other employees just like this particular employee? These are all things that you need to consider during the hiring process, and as an employee these are all things that are extremely fair if you consider the fact that your employer is paying you a wage as well as paying for your benefits. Employees, likewise, need to imagine themselves in their employer’s position. How would they feel about themselves? It’s something worth pondering!