UAE Employment Opportunities

The UAE has become a destination choice for many nationalities, whether for holiday purposes or to tap into the vast employment opportunities that are available there. The decision of the government to transform the oil rich desert country into a tourist destination has opened up so many job opportunities. The massive constructions to transform the place have created employment services in the Engineering and construction, real estate, Management, Sales and Marketing, etc. The tourist destination bid caters for jobs in Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Hospitality, Administration, Travel and Tours, etc.

This has caused many nationalities even those from cold climates to brave the heat and take up a UAE employment, contributing to the phenomenal growth of this former scantily populated desert country. Other reasons that makes a UAE employment highly sought for is her religious tolerance, the lax foreign exchange laws, the low taxation, the relative ease of getting travel visas and the fact that the business language is English.

In the UAE, there is plenty jobs both for the skilled and unskilled workers. With the absence of a minimum wage, workers are usually ripped off but, the lucrative pay package is what usually attracts workers to the country – you just have to fight for your own rights and take legal actions against infringers. The practical non-existent crime and the warmth and acceptability of the people despite the strict Islamic culture that prevails in the country make it a popular work and travel destination choice.

UAE employment opportunities are robust and extensive; there are moves to reserve most employment positions only for locals. People of certain nationalities are also preferred for various positions so it is always advisable for job candidates to go all out to attract and impress many employers. Getting a target job is much easier if you engage the service of a job recruitment consultant or company.