Job Hunting 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Reaching Your Career Goals

Written in a breezy and humorous style, Job Hunting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your First Job Out of School by Matt M. Gordon is a manual meant to guide the newly graduated toward the first rung on their personal ladders of success. The focus of the book is far reaching, orienting on long term career goals. There are also the usual sections found in a job hunting guide, such as chapters on resumes and interviews. Therefore this book is a useful resource for all job seekers, with special emphasis for those just starting in the workforce after college.

Matt Gordon tells his readers to think of him as a professor. In turn, he offers to mentor them in the 6 main objectives of his job hunting course:

1) Defining job criteria- Analyze and identify your current needs and long term goals

2) Writing impressive resumes and cover letters- Learn what to include and what to avoid

3) Generating interviews- There are more ways to get interviews than just perusing the classifieds. Be creative and take the initiative to seek out opportunities

4) Preparing for interviews- Research is the key to a great interview

5) Winning the interview game- Tips to put your best self forward and stand above the crowd

6) Handling job offers- Weigh the aspects of each job offer to choose the one that will best meet your current needs and long term goals identified in phase 1.

Each of those 6 phases is a crucial point of career planning, and these are only some of the explanations, anecdotes and examples Matt Gordon uses to help light the way. The helpful tips do not stop there. Chapter 7 advises you on what to do after you have chosen and landed your first job.

All in all, Matt M. Gordon has written an excellent guide that no job seeker should be without-whether you are changing careers or heading into the workforce for the first time.