How to Earn Over $300 Per Article From Online Freelance Job Sites

Many freelance writers often say that they earn $5 per article, so when they get $20 per article they will be happy that they have gotten a good job. Meanwhile they should have earned over $100 for that same article. Here are the simple steps you should follow to get this over $300-$1000 per article.

Past writing: This is the first things to do i. e. gather your best past writings. Wait, this is where most freelance writers miss it when they asked to submit your past writing, you can also write fresh article for the purpose of that job (write the type of article that fit in).

Resume writing: This is another vital steps when you want to get high praying freelance jobs. This is where you write your abilities and achievements. You should take this step serious, because how you write this, will picture your writing ability to your Employer.

Freelance sites: After finishing the resume, go to the company that will employ you. Actually, this may be a problem to you, but I will resolve that for you. I will give sites that paid as high $300-$1000 per article. To get these high paying sites it requires time to get the legit and the high paying one on the net, though you may get sites that pay you $10 per article but that is cheating on you because you should have earn over $80 for that same article. so it requires your time to get the high paying ones, but dont worry i have over 42 sites which i will give to you