Dental Technician Jobs in Texas – The Outlook

Working as a dental laboratory technician you can find work almost anywhere in the country. The job outlook for dental techs is very good, and it’s not expected to change anytime soon. The aging population, in need of dentures and other dental related prostheses, along with a huge jump in popularity of cosmetic dentistry has led to a field that is growing at unprecedented rates. With experience in this field you’ll likely never be without employment.

One place that has a huge demand for dental techs, at the moment, is Texas. In fact, an experienced technician can expect to earn far above the average salary for the same role elsewhere in the country.

Let’s take a moment to look at the outlook for the dental laboratory technician who lives and works in Texas. Whether you already are working in this field, or are simply exploring career paths; for the dental technician Texas is a great place to work.

If you are a qualified dental technician, in the Lone Star state, you’ll likely never have trouble finding work. Many commercial laboratories, research facilities, private practices, and even schools are in need of laboratory technicians.

The demand for qualified people far outweighs the available work in this area, which leads to an excellent job outlook for dental techs in Texas. The high demand also tends to lead to more flexible schedules, and better benefits.

Along with a great job outlook, the salary outlook in Texas is very good. If you’re just beginning your career you can expect to earn about the average salary for the US ($32,610). Where the differences begin to show is with experience.

Most experienced dental technicians can expect to earn $52,000/year across the country. In Texas however many techs, who have a few years experience, earn far above the high end of the wage scale for the country. A qualified technician in Texas may earn over $80,000 per year, with some even reporting salaries over $100,000.

Whether you are already working as a dental laboratory technician, or are just choosing a career path, Texas is the place to work. With a better job outlook, possibilities for a six-figure income, and likely a better work environment, it may be worth making a start in Texas. For the experienced dental tech, the salary outlook alone should be enough to consider making the move to the lone star state.