WinCo Foods Employment Application – All the Information You Need

Are you looking for information pertaining to filling out a WinCo Foods employment application? If you are truly interested in pursuing a career with this company, you can pick up an application in person at any WinCo Foods location. It does not appear that you are able to pursue this effort online. They also do not accept resumes. Regardless, I would like to spend some time, and give you more history about this privately held company. This way, you can be more informed if you find yourself in an interview with them. As you know, the more that you know about a company, the better your chances will be of landing that job that you are applying for.

Ralph Ward and Bud Williams founded Waremart in 1967 with the goal of providing a wide selection of merchandise to consumers at a very low price. The very first store was located in Boise, Idaho and a second store was opened the very next year.

In 1972, the company was hit with disaster when a tornado completely destroyed a store in Vancouver, Washington. Although devastating, this event never impacted the growth of this up and coming company. In fact, by 1987, Waremart had sales of $198 million and 850 employees. The very next year, sales rose to $212 million. By 1991, they were employing more than 1750 employees and had sales just under $300 million.

In 1985, the employees of this company purchased the Waremart Foods Employee Stock Ownership Trust, an employee pension plan. This pension plan grows at an annual rate of 21.51%, which in return creates an extremely dedicated workforce. This has contributed to the company’s success, and skipping ahead to 2009, they were listed at the 92nd spot in Forbes Magazine’s list of the 500 largest Privately Held Companies.

In 1999, to avoid customer confusion with other large “mart” stores, such as Kmart & Wal-Mart, the company decided to change their name to WinCo, the name that you know today. This name stands for “winning company.”

Today, Winco has 71 stores operating in six states (Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah). With more than 13,000 employees, they continue to grow and employ more individuals every single year.

As you can see, WinCo Foods is a great company with a long history of success and stability. They offer many reasons why you should pursue filling out that WinCo Foods Employment Application.

As always, I wish you success in your search for your dream job.