Health Care Employees – How To Use An Employment Agency

The demand for health care workers is growing, as aging in America is far outstripping the newer and younger workforce which is shrinking, given the Double Income No Kids Syndrome, a phenomenon, that is worrying economists not in the US, but elsewhere also. That’s one reason why there are a number of advertisements in other developing countries which match at least 90 per cent of the health care professional requirement in the US. So far this has been for nursing positions. But the day is not far off when other health care workers will also be in demand.

It is a fallacy that Healthcare employment agencies only place temporary positions. In fact, they do both permanent and temporary position filling, in hospitals, in private nursing homes, and in private homes also. Giving the aging factor, as represented above, the demand for private nursing of the elderly is going to far outstrip the supply. That’s one reason why the US and other developed countries are scrambling to find professional nurses in other countries, which have at least the minimum standards, which they can help improve once in position, and become more fully qualified.

Generally,companies and employers prefer to employ a professional agency, because they are best suited to screen the candidates, and have special skill sets, to match the requirements with the qualifications. it also saves them the bother of having to screen them, even if they wanted to. Given the time and energy required, it certainly makes sense to outsource it to a professional agency.

Nurses also prefer to go through professional agencies for placement. One reason is that nursing agencies fully understand the trails and tribulations that nurses undergo in hospitals, as they move from patient to patient, dispensing medication, adjusting IVs, and other sundry tasks the physician has written out. In fact, if one were to look at it dispassionately, the doctor spends less than 1 per cent of the time with the patient, when compared to the time the nurse with the patient. And the blame if any for an overdue or oversight lies with the nurse. Plus, they face the public. Sometimes, since they spend time with the patients, it is not unnatural for a bonding to take place, and therefore there is every chance of emotional trauma involved.

All this is understood by the Nursing employment agency, and they try to put them in jobs which merit understanding, care, and emotion. Since it is a highly traumatic job, nurses sometimes prefer to get away after a few years from the hospital or hospice they were in, and move to a different city, or even go in for private nursing, where the trauma is often less, and yes, it is more paying.

There are other health care workers also whose future is in demand. They involve the lab technicians, the radiotherapy technicians, medical secretaries, physiotherapists, etc. The list is large, when you really look at it. Add to this new technology that is streaming in. You have ultrasound operators, CT scan operators, MRI technicians, trauma specialists, hospital administrative staff, dialysis technicians.. and more.

As new technologies emerge, these semi-skilled or even skilled technicians and support staff to the doctors also grow.

Since there is beginning to emerge a shortage of such semi or skilled technicians and support staff, it is natural that such shortage would create a demand for these people. And since this involves lives, and there are very strict and rigorous laws regarding treatment, hospitals and doctors would prefer to have a fully qualified, thoroughly vetted professional assisting them. Otherwise they would be liable for huge damages.

Thus it is only right that professional healthcare employment agencies should be used, and sought after by everyone concerned with the health care business.

A word of caution is also necessary. It is imperative that whoever chooses such an agency should first of all be wary, and thorough research of the agency should be conducted before doing business with them. As with others, it is not impossible that there may be a bad apple amongst them as well.