How to Find a Legitimate Data Entry Typist Job

There are several different types of data entry jobs available online. You have your telecommuting data entry jobs, your information processing jobs, order processing jobs, email processing jobs, and so on and so forth. Some of these jobs require experience and you must apply for these jobs. unfortunately, A lot of data entry work is only part time and between the hundreds of people applying for these jobs,you better make sure your resume is up to par.

In order to find a legitimate data entry job you can simply search on Craigslist or a website like Money Making Mommy. Now not all of these jobs are free so you do have to do your own research. However, if you go through either of these sites you should be able to find a really good work from home job.

Now there are also data entry jobs that do not require any experience and those are always available. Those types of jobs are considered more to be business opportunities rather then actual jobs. The difference between them and your traditional data entry is they do not pay by the hour. Most of them pay per successful order processed by submitting ads online and making a commission from the ad generated order which usually ranges between 50-75% commission. Now this can add up to quite a bit of money when processing multiple orders on a daily basis.

With these types of order processing or ad placing jobs you can make from $100-$300 and up on a daily basis if you find a good company. You can simply run a search on Google under the search terms “Home typing jobs” or “online data entry work” and that should bring up quite a few of them. This does not mean, however, that you wont run into any scams along the way. Here are some good tips on how to avoid scam sites.

Scam Tip 1. Make sure the website owner has a valid way to be contacted such as by phone, email or a contact form page. Do not just assume the contact form is working. Test it first by sending a simple email.

Scam Tip 2. Run a basic search on the name of the company through Google. If a site is well known for scamming people it will show up on the search engines, believe me. Just be careful not to just see the word scam and assume the company is one. Because a lot of websites are assumed to be scams by one person or another with no proof in hand. Make sure if you see the word scam, someone is speaking from their own personal experience and not just assuming it is one. People quite often do that.

Scam Tip 3. Make sure the site has an earning disclaimer. I think if a site has one that basically says they are not guaranteeing you any specific amount of income then they are being truthful. Unlike scam sites, they will just tell you whatever you want to hear just to take your money.

Scam Tip 4. Find out how long the company has been in business. You do not want anything to do with a “fly by night” company. If it has not been in business that long, chances are it wont be. (At least 1 year.)

Scam Tip 5. Make sure there are no hidden fees. Ask if there are monthly fees or any other fees associated with your membership. Most companies ask for a small upfront fee but you do not want to be obligated to a monthly fee. This is not necessarily a scam but it is how they trick you. I once joined a company that was $99 then come to find out it was $99 per month which was not mentioned before hand. Big difference. I immediately canceled my membership even though I did not receive a refund. Had I known this before, I would have never spent the $99.

As long as you follow the 5 tips provided above, you should have no problem finding a legitimate Data entry job and avoiding the scams.