Looking For Legitimate Work at Home Jobs? How About One With No Start-up Costs?

So, everyone and their brother has an eBook out now, promising that you can make thousands of dollars per month by doing nothing…except of course for buying their ebook. But unless you want to actually BUY all those ebooks, there’s no way to know which of their programs really are legitimate work-at-home jobs. They all tend to give you just enough information to get you to plunk down the $97 ($47 if you’re one of the next 284 to place your order.) After they’ve got your money, THEN you get to evaluate the scheme they’ve put together.

I’m not going to buy all those ebooks either. But I will disclose all of the information on one type of business you’ll find out there. No fee. No nonsense. And nothing to sell. All of this information is hard earned, first-hand; acquired through my own experience. After you’ve read this, you’ll be able to make a decision about this business. And you won’t even need to submit your email address for me to send SPAM to.

The business to which I’m referring is Freebie Trading. There are no start-up costs, although it does involves a fair bit of work (at home). Jobs in the freebie trading industry do require significant effort in order to succeed. Once you get rolling, however, when you do succeed, it is not only highly rewarding but fun as well.

The concept of Freebie Trading is simple. We have all seen those sites that popup behind your web browser and offer you free iPods and free PlayStation if only you’ll complete a few sponsored offers and fill out a few easy forms. These websites are referred to as Incentivized Freebie Websites, or IFWs.

And we close them as soon as we see them. How could THEY be a legitimate work-at-home opportunity? Just another obvious cheesy scam. And some of them are. But some aren’t.. Eventually, someone got a great idea. Whenever you complete the required amount of offers for a website, and get the required number of your friends to do likewise, you get your prize. And 99% of them will offer cash, as one of their prizes. That is the way most IFWs They may not advertise that, but they do. Here’s an example:

You’ve found an IFW that will pay you $60 for completing their offer requirements and sending one person to them to do the same thing. Call it Freejunk.com, which is a name I just made up. There’s not really a site named that–I just checked. You’ve researched it, and you know that Freejunk.com is legitimate, and they pay what they’re supposed to. Remember that guy I mentioned earlier? The one that had the great idea? He figured out that if he was willing to split his commission, he could just pay someone else $30 to complete the offers on the site. He’d end up with $30 and his trading partner would end up with $30. And an industry was born.

You can complete the offer requirements on Freejunk.com for about $7, leaving $23 profit for his trading partner. Best of all, Freejunk.com allows each person to send as many referrals to them to complete offers as you want, after they’ve completed their offer requirements themself, and they cough up the $60 every time–without the original person ever again having to complete any offers himself.

You’d think that this was just a short-term gig to squeeze out a few bucks, but it isn’t. Whole forums exist, where people who have completed IFWs and are trying to find people to be their referrals can meet other people who want to complete offers to get paid. I’ve been freebie trading myself since February of 2008, and I quit my “real” job to do it full-time in August, 2008. And the money rolls in steadily.

If you’ve read this far, you’re looking for a legitimate work-at-home job. You’ve found one. Everyone loves a business with no start-up costs. You’ve found one. I’ve spent enough time working on this for now. It’s your turn. All you need to do is start