Individualized Plans For Employment

Anyone can suffer a debilitating injury. An accident or serious illness can leave victims temporarily or permanently unable to maintain their normal line of work. People who are seriously disabled may be eligible for benefits from Social Security to help them get back on their feet. While some disabilities leave sufferers unable to work at all, many others can find new opportunities by creating an Individualized Plan for Employment.

Individualized Plans for Employment (IPEs) are one of the many disability benefits available to those who qualify. Rather than being reliant on disability payments from Social Security, an IPE allows you to discover new lines of work that suit your skills and abilities. Many people with disabilities fear being unable to return to work at all, but your Individualized Plan for Employment may include help setting up accommodations to meet your needs.

The services that may be included in a person’s Individualized Plan for Employment include vocational counseling, medical treatment for their disability, training for new occupations, assistive technology, and employment placement. People with disabilities often find themselves unable to do their previous line of work, but with vocational training and placement they can develop new job skills and receive assistance finding and maintaining a position.

Job placement services consider your skills, career interests, and abilities to find a position that suits you. By learning new skills, pursuing further education, or receiving vocational training, you can widen the range of occupations available to you and grow as a person. With the help of job training and placement services, you may find yourself in a line of work that suits you much better than what you had done before you became disabled.

Suffering a disabling injury does not mean resigning yourself to a life of unemployment and dependence on disability benefits. With an Individualized Plan for Employment, you can take your life back and find new work that suits you.