Book Review – Handling Employment for Bosses and Supervisors

Pitfalls and Problems of Employment Practices with Practical Pointers for Avoiding Disaster

Geoffrey H. Hopper, is a successful attorney, and has gained valuable lessons from his a background in business in the field of steel fabrication and through litigation in the area of employment and business law. “Handling Employment for Bosses and Supervisors” offers guidelines to improve employee moral, guidelines for reducing absenteeism, and negotiating litigation fees, while increasing productivity.

The book is designed to follow a natural progression beginning with a summary of “23 Factors Causing Employment Problems” and a brief look into the history of employment law. Geoffrey then explains what the reader should expect from reading the book. The chapters that follow are packed with practical proposals on subjects including: Employee training, evaluations, employee applications, screening, and employment interviews. In the final chapters Hopper offers important guidelines for handling sexual harassment matters, violence in the workplace, employment practices, and suggestions for selecting expert legal counsel.

Geoffrey has a flare for humor. I particularly enjoyed the pithy quotes and sage advice, he included, from such diverse persons as Malcolm Forbes, Dolly Parton, Winston Churchill, and Abigail Van Buren. Hopper writes with clarity, as he articulates the pitfalls of employer practices and provides guidelines for handling human resources.

Supervisors, Employers and Individual employees will benefit from the important principles provided in “Handling Employment for Bosses and Supervisors.” This is a “must read book” for every CEO, Human Resource Director, and Department Head.

As Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Midwest Book Review