Roughneck Job Openings – Landing a Job on an Offshore Oil Rig

Looking for current Roughneck job openings? If so, you’re in luck because thousands of offshore rigs are constantly interested in adding new hires to their crew. For those who’ve heard the term Roughneck as it describes an oil rig laborer, you should know that entry level positions are termed Roustabouts. Either way, these occupations are hands-down some of the best yet most rigorous on the globe. If you’re hoping for great benefits, job security, a heck-of-a lot of vacation and the chance to make lifelong friends coming from all walks of life and cultures, living on an oil rig will absolutely provide that experience.

If you’re a person with stamina and dependability, maritime drilling operations need you and are willing to pay very good money to keep you around. As previously mentioned, those with absolutely no industry experience in the field would apply not as a Roughneck, but as a Roustabout.

The following is a short job description for a Roustabout:

1. Cleaning the Decks

2. Removing Rust/Painting

3. Maintaining Tools/Equipment

4. Assisting Roughnecks

5. Misc. Job Tasks

If you’ve already worked as a deck-hand on a rig or in the oil field at all, you can apply as a Roughneck. The following is a short job description for a Roustabout.

1. Adding new pipe-lengths as drilling gets deeper

2. Changing the drill bit

3. Cleaning drilling equipment

4. Working in the mud-room during drills

5. Keeping drilling equipment in superior order

Now, to discuss those Roughneck and entry level job openings. Where do you find them, how do you apply and how soon will you get a response? These are all important and legitimate questions. Even though offshore rig companies are hiring deck hands daily, finding and filling those spots can be quite difficult unless you know how the application process works. It is not typical for a person to create their resume from scratch and email it or snail-mail it to rig companies. Or even to call directly. This can be considered a nuisance to busy companies.