How to Search For a Job Without Your Boss Finding Out

It is fairly normal for some people to look for more jobs even if they already have one. In this age and time, this is a common working pattern for both male and female. They do this purely for several advantages it entails, like earning more money, working for shorter hours, resume purposes and more. However, what they seem to overlook are the several disadvantages it can also bring. Work-related stress, which can bring upon several illnesses especially fatigue is just one of those disadvantages.

That is why a few look for jobs that are better than their current one. They don’t look for more jobs to add their current one but rather look for something that can replace it. Jobs that pay more provide more benefits and give more healthy working environments. However, due to the current economic crisis, most employers simply do not wish to let their best employees just like that. They monitor their activities even more to make sure that they don’t look over the fence and see more tempting offers.

In some companies, there is a program called AutoFill that can automatically enter an email address, preferably your boss’, in Eudora, Outlook and other email applications. This can be pretty dangerous when you are looking for a new job without your current employer catching on.

There are several circumstances wherein a few job hunters send their resume to their boss’ email address by mistake. What you can do is to create a separate email account. There are several email hosting websites that can provide you with such service. This is especially useful if you don’t want to be one of those job seekers previously mentioned. Create your own personal account. You can even create a new email address through several free web-based email services. You can definitely use this new email address for you job hunting.

The basic rule of job hunting without your boss finding out is to post your resume carefully. You may not know it but your boss may be surfing the Internet for several job listing websites. It can be problematic if he or she bumps on one of your own resume when he or she is searching for candidates for an open job.

What you can do is to find a website that can allow you to keep the information regarding your contact details and employer confidential. There are several websites that post your resume without making your contact information and other references public. There are also other options wherein you can block the name of your current company simply by inputting an end date for your current position. Lastly, look for a website that allows you to block certain companies from looking at your resume. This can truly prove to be beneficial if you do not want to employer to know that you are looking for a new employment.

Other things that you should be careful with aside from AutoFill are the company’s equipment. When you are looking for job without letting your boss know, you must not use any of the company’s computers, phone or other telecommunications systems for your job hunting. This is for the sole reason that most companies monitor the use of the Internet and phone call logs.

What you can do is to keep your resume and everything that can be related to your job search confidential and away from the company’s premises. Keep that information at your home and save them at your personal computer.

Probably one of the most important and forgotten rule in confidential job hunting is discretion. You should be careful whom to tell that you are looking for a new employment. Gossip can spread like wildfire. You cannot blame someone when your job search reaches your boss or if he or she heard it from the grapevine.

However, you can tell your family about your current situation. This can advantageous for your sake because they can be your assistant and take messages for you while you’re at work. Just make sure you tell them not to tell anyone, especially your colleagues that you are looking for a new job.