Strategies for Online Job Search

Use a strategy for an online job search. There are several steps you can take to prepare and make the process efficient. Use job search engines to find available positions in your area. Next create a resource sheet, and set up an email account specifically for job search. Utilize online networking to your advantage. You can use these tips for a rewarding Job search.

Create a resource sheet with answers to job application questions for a successful online job search. Your resource sheet is a facts sheet. It lists your contact information, your legal name, your address, a valid phone number and includes your email address. List your previous employers for the last ten years indicate dates of employment and their contact information. Save previous employment data as a text file such as Notepad, Microsoft Word document or Google documents, in a location that makes it easy to copy and paste the information into an online application. A resource sheet is an effective tool to aid you in your job search.

Plan ahead when filling out an online application. Online applications can take up to an hour or more to complete. Read the application directions and follow them thoroughly. Don’t leave any sections blank. In case of a power outage or other unexpected interruption create a username and password for online applications. Try to use the same username and password for each application. Using the same information make it easier for you to remember. As you complete, each section proof read it and use spell check if you can. Then save it. Print each page as you complete them before moving on the next section. Try not to use the back button. You can use “polish my writing dot-com” or other online grammar editors when filling out your application.

Create a simple text file resume for online use. Use keyword industry words in your résumé content. Resumes created for online use, should not include graphics, and cut out any bold, italics text, use easy to read fonts. Software programs or scanners select resumes based on keywords. When emailing your résumé as an attachment don’t forget to include a brief cover letter in the body of the letter. You can also attach the cover letter separately.

Post your résumé online using job search engines like Monster,, and Craigslist. On sites like Monster you will find lists of jobs and you can set up job search agents. You can select the criteria of how often you want them to update when jobs in your industry and geographic location are open. Another site that provides useful career advice about topics such as resume writing, interviewing is about dot-com. Utilize social media for online networking. LinkedIn is one of the best online professional networking websites. Use the “apply” button with LinkedIn option when available.

Set up a separate email account for job searches, so that your inbox is not clutter with spam or personal email. You don’t want this account to get hacked and send out senseless replies. Do not use profanity, sexual or vulgar language as part of your username for this account. There are many companies that offer free email accounts like Google with its Gmail product, Yahoo mail, and Hotmail.

Finally don’t forget that the internet is a great resource for researching companies. You can verify phones numbers and addresses of companies for your resource sheet using Google. Visit company websites to gain information to aid you in preparing for phone and in-person interviews. Company websites provide information about which positions the company is looking to fill. What products or services does the company provide and information that you can incorporate into your answers to questions when you interview for at the company? Most job search engines have company information as well.

Strategic planning will empower you as a job seeker. Creating a resource sheet will make it easier for you to fill out online applications. Having a separate email for job search cuts down on distractions and assists you with your job search log. Registering with Job search engines allows employers to view your résumé and gives you access to information about available jobs.