Employment Screening Background Check Facts

I’ve worked in quite a few retail jobs in the past and one thing that never ceased to amaze me was management’s view on theft. They always seemed to think that the biggest theft issue they had was with their customers. They would go on and on about keeping an eye on customers who looked suspicious.

They rarely mentioned anything about theft by our fellow employees. Big mistake.

In my experience most of the theft that occurred was by employees, not customers. And that doesn’t just go for retail. Employee theft can occur in any industry.

Here are just a few ways your employees may be stealing from you right now:

1. Cashiers could be pocketing money or not ringing up items for their friends.

2. Stockroom workers could be stealing products as it is unloaded from the truck.

3. Office workers may be walking out with all sorts of expensive office supplies.

4. Bookkeepers could be understating your income and pocketing the difference.

5. Any employee handling money has an opportunity to steal from you.

As I said earlier, the great majority of theft comes from someone inside your organization. And its often the person you last expect who is stabbing you in the back.

While you can never insulate yourself from theft entirely, your best defense is to know who works for you. Run a thorough employment screening background check on all of your current employees and any potential new hires before you make them an official offer.

Running a background check will help you learn more about your employee’s past and judge what they may be capable of in the future. If they have a history of arrests for breaking and entering, theft, or fraud, you may want to keep a closer eye on them. Remember in today’s world no one is above suspicion.